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Easter 2018 - A Succesful Sportif International Competition and Camp.

The Sportif International 2018 was held in London this year ( normally Edinburgh ) . This big competition and Camp held over the Easter weekend hosts Judoka from Canada, France , Portugal , Spain a great chance to compete and Randori with International Judoka.

The Weekend started on the Saturday with Sofia Palmer ( junior u70kg ) and James Reseigh ( junior u55kg ) in a strong group Sofia gained great experience and worked hard in her group. James managed to achieve a Bronze medal.

On the Sunday James Reseigh ( u55kg Cadet ) , Ryan Doyle ( u66kg Cadet ) , Mary Tomblin ( u52kg Cadet ) Karis Houghton - Brown ( u70kg Cadet ) . First up was the boys managing to get through to the crossovers in their respective groups. Ryan getting a lovely ippon score against a 1st Dan . The crossovers proved tough but James managed a 5th Place and Ryan a 9th both being in big pools but some amazing judo from both Ryan and James well done . Some Great judo. The afternoon it was time for the girls Mary back after injury showed real determination and grit threw a canadian in her 1st fight . The girls had a tough afternoon but the S&C coaching on Thursday's proving Valuable for Stamina . A great days judo for all. Now for the Camp on Monday and Tuesday.

Monday and Tuesday saw James, Mary and Ryan do the randori and training camp a great chance to fight again with the Canadians and the French. Some great training with Fantastic Coaching on Tuesday the Guest Coach was Olympian Neil Adams MBE 8th Dan . Some amazing training and very tired judoka on Tuesday evening . A small rest before back to training next weekend all .

Great effort , Great Judo and A Great comp/camp hopefully more of Vale Judoka next year at this amazing Event.

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