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Grading Information

All information for the grading this Saturday is on our website Vale Judo Club


All entrants must hold a valid BJA licence. No License, No Grading. 

The grading fee is £12. Please try to bring right amount when booking in to help with speedy processing. (Without the right amount you may have to wait to receive change.)

Some times (not all):

Book in for 1st Mon and 4th Min is 0900, all other book in times are 30 minutes before Grading.

Grading Times

1030 - 1050 = 1st Mon & 4th Mon 1050 - 1110 = 2nd Mon & 5th Mon 1110 - 1130 = 3rd Mon & 6th Mon 

More time are on the website for other grades. Find the grade you are going for to find your time.

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