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4 Oct 2017

All information for the grading this Saturday is on our website Vale Judo Club


All entrants must hold a valid BJA licence. No License, No Grading. 

The grading fee is £12. Please try to bring right amount when booking in to help with speedy processing. (Without the right amount you may have to wait to receive change.)

Some times (not all):

Book in for 1st Mon and 4th Min is 0900, all other book in times are 30 minutes before Grading.

Grading Times

1030 - 1050 = 1st Mon & 4th Mon
1050 - 1110 = 2nd Mon & 5th Mon
1110 - 1130 = 3rd Mon & 6th Mon 

More time are on the website for other grades. Find the grade you are going for to find your time.

2 Oct 2017

Below is a link to a resource on the BJA Website with all the information you will be required to know for your grading this coming Saturday.

Please take time to find the grade you are going for and learning the techniques, terminology, additional requirements and don't forget to learn both the Japanese and English translations.

The Syllabus charts we use at the club can all be found here:

1st to 3rd Mon

4th to 6th Mon

7th to 9th Mon

10th to 12th Mon 

13th to 15th Mon 

16th to 18th Mon

2 Oct 2017

For the grading being held on Saturday 7th October, all times and information have been posted in the 'Info' section of the website.

If you are entering the Grading it is important you review all information.

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