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25 Mar 2017

Well done to everyone who successfully passed their grading today.

25 Mar 2017

Good luck to to everyone who is entering the grading today and looking to progress to the next level.

All your efforts, hard work and determination will be rewarded.

Looking forward to seeing some different coloured belts on the mat after today!

20 Mar 2017

Below is a link to a resource on the BJA Website with all the information you will be required to know for your grading this coming Saturday.

Please take time to find the grade you are going for and learning the techniques, terminology, additional requirements and don't forget to learn both the Japanese and English translations.

The Syllabus charts we use at the club can all be found here:

1st to 3rd Mon

4th to 6th Mon

7th to 9th Mon

10th to 12th Mon 

13th to 15th Mon 

16th to 18th Mon

12 Mar 2017

For the grading being held on 25th March, all times and information has been posted in the 'Info' section of the website.

If you are entering the Grading it is important you review all information.

6 Mar 2017

Vale Judo will be hosting a Grading on Saturday the 25th March.

The Grading will be at the main dojo on Oakham Entrpirse Park, Ashwell.

More details will be posted closer to the event.

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